2023 Conference Keynote Speaker

Jon Boeckenstedt

"From Data Oligarch to Data Democracy"

Many people in our profession were trained in a time when systems were slow, data structures were a mystery, and only a few people were trusted to provide the “truth” of the numbers. That’s all changed, and we should now be talking about broader access to more tools, encouraging staff to be more curious about what the data can tell us, and democratizing data so that it is more widely available and accessible to people who need it to do better for our students.  Jon Boeckenstedt, Vice Provost of Enrollment Management at Oregon State University in Corvallis, will talk about his 40 years in the business and how we might all work for a better, more informed university in the future.

Jon Boeckenstedt is the Vice Provost of Enrollment Management at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, where he has been since July, 2019.  Prior to that, he was Associate Vice President at DePaul University in Chicago, for seventeen years.


This year marks his 40th year in enrollment management and admissions, and his experience has taken him to a wide range of colleges and universities, from non-selective to highly selective, and from very small to very large.  He has special interest in data visualization and the appropriate application of corporate strategy to higher education, and is the author of three blogs: One on higher education data, one on important trends and topics in admission and enrollment management, and one focusing on Oregon higher education.


Jon has presented at regional and national conferences across the country, for organizations such as NACAC, NASFAA, AACROA, and has participated in panel discussions with national think tanks and educational policy groups.  His admission work has taken him to 40 states and eleven countries outside the US, and his writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Slate Magazine, and The Academic Impressions website.


He takes his work very seriously, but not himself.


Jon is an Iowa native, and holds a BA in English and an MS in Marketing and Management.

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